vintage Ludwig snare


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The Ludwig & Ludwig badge and the hoop claws place it between 1920 and 1940, before the name was changed to WFL. If we had a picture of the whole drum and the whole badge, and if perchance they were less fuzzy, that date might get whittled down a bit.


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The badge is 40's ,maybe a Pioneer concert model.There's a subtle difference between the 20's and 40's L&L badge.

Ludwig and Ludwig,which was owned by Conn/Selmer retained that name till 1950,when it was changed to Leedy & Ludwig.

WFL was born after 1929,when Bill Ludwig left Ludwig & Ludwig, and was a seperate company from Ludwig & Ludwig altogether.That company became Ludwig,shortly after 1955,when WFL,purchased the rights to his own name,and patents to Ludwig& Ludwig,from Conn/Selmer.Slingerland also purchased the rights to Leedy at the same time.

More ,clearer and smaller pics are needed.

Steve B