vintage drum gig prep


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I wipe it down and give it a once over, retune the drums as they might detune a little bit more readily than modern lugs. Look for loose fittings. Other than that, not so much more than modern drums.


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I gig regularly with a '67 Rogers Holiday Starlighter kit, no special prep necessary - it's more solidly built than many modern kits. Best of luck with the gig!


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So i have a great gig tonight in ipswitch UK, and i have decided to go all vintage (with backup gear ofc), most of which is around 50 years old and some just over 60. I found myself just going over drums and bearing edges with beeswax as i heard it from nick mason that with his vintage drums he does it. Not sure if adds or helps anything but i dont mind doing it. Does anyone else have any pre gig rituals with vintage gear?