Vinnie Colaiuta back with Yamaha?

Alain Rieder

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It looks like Vinnie Colaiuta recently played at an event called Yamaha Art

And it also looks like there's a new Hip-Gig set! Interesting!
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I knew it! Back to where he started. Good move for him, Yamaha are everywhere and I'm sure they can do anything he needs.

Hard to tell what's going on there with the Hipgig kit.


I, too, would love to see Vinnie back at Yamaha, but there is nothing on that webpage that indicates he is. I had my wife translate it.

My bet is he's working with an artist there and using a back line kit. He's been spotted on Yamaha's a lot when overseas.

Nonetheless, fingers crossed. Although it shouldn't matter.

Living Dead Drummer

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I know Vinnie has a good relationship with the folks over at Yamaha. And they are accommodating to him, because well... he's Vinnie. Don't know if anything is official, but Vinnie is at a point where he can play whatever and not officially endorse anyone.

I'm headed over to Yamaha tomorrow to pick up some stuff, maybe I can get some inside info...


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He also doesn't have to have an endorsement deal at all, he just has to have some language in his performance rider like this:

Promoter must provide Manufacturer X drums in sizes (insert sizes here). If drums from Manufacturer X are not available, then drums from Yamaha may be substituted upon written approval.

This lets him play his normal brand and allows SIR or whatever backline provider is working the gig to bring Yamaha.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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As long as he stays away from those Ludwigs. lol

I am partial to his Gretsch sound, though. Until he started taking the suspension off.


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:D Wow, thanks so much for the kind words! I'm a little reticent to take on any other drum company websites, as I already do two, one is and the other... well I really don't want to say it out loud but here's a link. :D
Why not mention him by name? I have bought some parts and have chatted back and forth through emails with him. He seems like a down to earth good dude. And his snare drums are some of the best looking in the boutique custom builder arena. I especially like his slanted stave technique.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I think Heuer has more than enough business regardless of how the site looks. He's not really a drum builder per se. He however seems to be THE guy for maitenance, edge work and so on for the greats in his area. As far as I know the Heuer kit was sold right after the tour.

Vinnie seems to be using whatever he feels like now.

His new Gretsch kit was made from some of the last Jasper shells laying around the Gretsch factory. He also got a Club Custom kit as a gift from Yamaha recently because he's been playing Live Customs on the last Sting tour and also been using Absolute Hybrids a bit.

Same usual main snares, but he seems to be using a Craviotto aux a lot lately.

He's also using mostly Yamaha pedals and hardware it seems.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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what's wrong with the luddies?
They don't sound like Grrrrrrrrrrrrretsch. lol

Seriously, I've not heard them cut through in a musical way like Gretsch(my own favourite) or the Yammies have in the contexts he's played in.

Gretsch drums just cut through the mix with frequencies that reveal their wonderful warm character. Ludwigs have their own character that don't work that way for me. Several of their metal snares do, though.