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Whew! Talk about a relief! A New Years Eve party / jam session turned stale then turned up smokin' hot for me. Let me explain:

My wife and I were invited to a New Years Eve party at a friend's house. Our friend is the leader of the southern rock band that played at our wedding reception in June. They are well known in the D/FW area.

We get there promptly since my wife is one who prefers to be on time. (I'm a different story in that department all We were the first ones there, so we have a chance to chat and catch up with each other.

Flash forward - the party has started, people drinking and having a good time. The place is packed. People inside, outside, etc.

Three of the four members of the band are there by now and they start to jam. It's cool. They play for a bit then another friend takes the mic and they sing several more songs. It sounds great. I'm chatting away with a friend. Another guy who I know socially and to be a drummer takes the throne. Okay cool. I'm both listening to my friend chat and istening to this other drummer. It's soon apparent this other drummer is loaded and can barely play because I've heard him before and he's pretty good. However tonight, he's toasted. He needs another drink so he gets up and goes to procure whatever his poison is.

I'm wanting to play so I make my move - however I have to negotiate people, furniture, etc. The drummer from the southern rock band walks back in and times it just perfect so he gets the throne from the drunk guy who is just getting to his feet. Right after that several more good musicians I either know personally or know of arrive and come in. One guy - a guitar player - singer - songwriter who I've never met but my wife knows walks in. She says he's a great musician in the area. I've heard of the dude, but haven't met him personally. My wife introduces us. I'm thinking this is gonna be a great jam, but damn, I'm dying to play too, I'm just wanting to the right time. (I'm not wanting to be an ass and take the sticks over, so I'm patiently waiting.)

Right about now is the time it turns into an acoustic set with some guy singing an original song and strumming. I need to add this guy just walked in and picked up an acoustic and starts playing along, sort of snubbing others wanting to play. I saw a friend of mine who is a singer songwriter guitar player get ticked and leave. He was waiting long before this guy even walked in.

Many songs later I'm getting a bit ticked myself because the same people are playing over and over and not letting anyone else play. My wife notices and tries to encourage me to "just go up there and sit behind the kit, somebody will want to play". I agree. Before I can do anything, the host tells me I haven't played yet and tells me to "git my a$$ on tha drums". I almost run over to them. He picks up a bass and someone else joins in on guitar. Soon we have another guitar and a singer. We begin to play several blues tunes and jam. I'm loving it. So we play about 3 songs then break so people can get more drinks in them. I'm still drinking water or soda so I won't get loaded.

Other guys take the guitars and start to jam. Before I turn around to walk toward the kit - yep you guessed it. The loaded drummer gets back on the throne. He lasts maybe 1/2 minute before the host tells him to let me play some more. (A few minutes earlier the host tells me "that f*ckers loaded - he can't even keep a beat". I have to laugh and agree.) He staggers to his feet, smiling, and hands me the sticks and tells me to "to go for it".

So to make an already long story short, I play for one hour solid with 4 other guys - good musicians in the area - and we jam on blues and some rock. Those outside come inside to watch us and hear. Everyone with a camera or camera phone were taking pics or videos. The host tells my wife he "never knew I could play like that" and gave me all kinds of kudos. All the guitar players and singers complimented me. The gals there complimented my wife and told her I was the best drummer there - even better than the drummer for the southern rock band. Several of my close friends were also at the party who have never heard me play and gave me all kinds of compliments afterwards. One guy even posted on Facebook that I "kicked ass!"

I'm not tooting my own horn here, or trying to brag. Before that party I was really feeling down and all about drumming and the music opportunities in the area. And all the lunatics and flakes I'm come across. But after hearing those compliments from my musician peers and friends - who aren't easily impressed - DAMN THAT FELT GOOD!!!!! lol

Anyway, I've been on cloud 9 after that night and on an emotional high, so I HAD to tell about it! Haha!!

Thanks guys!


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Good for you, Rogue! You deserve a good jam opportunity with all the "not-so-great" luck you have had with auditions and such in 2011. Maybe this is a sign of things to come for you in 2012! I hope so!


Finally something positive for you. You never know what may come of it but at least you are in the back of other musicians minds that were there. Let us know when you land a gig from this!

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Very nice, & good things will probably flow from this. If nothing else, it's restored some faith in your own abilities. You'll never know how much of a barrier that may have been.

Here's to a fabulous 2012 for you!


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Further evidence of how hard it is to be the nice guy with some morals and restraint. Sounds like fun. You did the right thing and it worked out.