Very first live gig!


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After my first gig in 30 years the guitar player said he had never seen a drummer smile that much through a gig. So I completely understand how you felt. Well done you!


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Not sure I'm quite that brave!!! :)
No need for bravery - this is a very supportive environment.

The ONLY times I've ever seen anything other than support is when a very average drummer puts up some very ordinary playing and announces it as the future of drumming.

Matt Bo Eder

Congratulations on the first gig! That feeling of accomplishment is definitely why most people do it - even the jaded people who appear to be working at a job while performing also like the feeling even though they don't show it!

Here's to many more!


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Congratulations indeed-you organized a festival and played in it-sounds like something Andy (Keep it Simple) would do LOL. "Smiler" I like that-my nickname was "Chipper" for much the same reason. It really is a thrill and I love your story and it brings back memories that I can really relate. I love reading all the support and comments here too-and it's really fun to note others speaking of errors during gigs and how they were handled. I watched an orchestra flub one-and the conductor stopped the song and re-started-I'd never seen that. I like the little mistakes-it makes us human.


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What a great thread!

When I started here I was also amazed at the number of peeps getting out there and playing gigs. In fact, what tempted me to sign up was the unfolding story of a ladyperson drummer preparing for her first gig.

(Side note: anybody heard from Mary recently?)

One thing I've learnt since I've started playing out - not as frequently as I would like - is that a good measure of competence and comfort between band members is not that errors disappear, but that everybody just knows what to do paper over the cracks the instant that they appear.
Awww thank you everyone!

Tony Trout, I love my DWs, but my favourite snare is a Ludwig Black beauty! Sounds amazing!

I never understand why there aren't more female drummers! Maybe it's the carrying in of the drums!!!! I certainly take a few bruises lugging them in and out! I'm a teensy 5foot, 8 stone girl, so the drums are heavy to load in!!!

But then I've never been your typical female! I ride an XV1100 bike and love thrash metal.

Thanks fac, I'm determined that it will be the first of many! x


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This is one of the coolest posts I've seen in my short time in this forum.

Congratulations and let it be the first of many.

Tony Trout

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Congrats on your first live gig as a drummer!! And, if I may say so, it's cool to see another female drummer. Your smile tells the whole story about your enjoyment of the gig - and I love those DW's!! I'm a Ludwig fan, myself, but DWs are the absolute TOP when it comes to drum brands and their craftmanship and sound!!! A double-kick DW set is VERY loud. A friend of mine has two DW drum kits, but I haven't had a chance to play them in over four years.

Right now, I'm saving every dime, nickel, penny, quarter and dollar I can to have my "dream" drum kit: blue sparkle double-kick Ludwigs like the legendary Ronnie Tutt used for four years during his eight year tenure as Elvis Presley's drummer.

Again, major congrats on the first gig and may you have a blast at all of your future gigs as well!!! Keep that smile!!! It's infectious!!


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Well done. your excitement comes through in your post - I'm not sure everyone on here is an accomplished gigger, our band are novices , but I know what you mean, there is so much gigging experience on DW.
Playing live, mistakes and all - gotta love it!. Again, congrats.
Thank you all sooo much!

The photo was taken at just as we finished our last song! I was so happy that we had got through it! Since I was little I've been known as "smiler" as I generally have a happy disposition!!! That day might go down in history as my happiest ever though!
After I'd taken my drums down and packed them up, I spent the next 7 hours dancing happily to the other amazing bands that performed that day. I earnt my name "Duracell bunny!"
I was dragged up on stage later to be thanked for organising the festival.

I'm now itching to get back into rehearsals with the rest of the band so we can build on what we've done x


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The tech in me can't help wondering what the snare mic is meant to be aiming at though?
I'm not a tech, but have seen mics set to a figure 8 pattern between hi-hat and snare to pick up both. (You'll know better than I whether that particular mic is capable of picking up that pattern.)


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Congrats! You appeared to be having a great time! My first experience playing in front of an audience with a band was at 14 years old. That was 40 years ago, and I still remember it vividly...


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Well done! Not everyone can claim that their first gig was a success, and I hope the positive memories last your lifetime.