Vadrum Classical Drumming


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I like his Mario covers. It seems that nostalgia and good drumming seem to make a very good combination! Even though I like Andrea Vadrucci, he's got a few 'habits' (for lack of a better word) in his songs that bother me:

1. He's like the average death metal drummer - he barely gives you time to absorb the groove he's playing before he switches to a completely different one. This is why I can't listen to 'Classical Drumming' in one run-through, because he's playing so many grooves within each of the 20 songs that it's overwhelming.

2. Continuing with #1, some of those grooves don't fit with what he's playing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the double bass is a prime example of this.

Even so, he's got a knack for a few things that I like about him:

1. Even if not all of what he plays fits, his kit covers quite a bit of real-estate. Unlike those 80s hair metal drummers who played on monster kits only for show, Andrea makes sure that none of that real-estate goes to waste. He uses every bit of that kit, and I've made that a part of my playing as well.

2. He's also got an unorthodox kit setup, but I tried it on a smaller scale (e.g. moving my ride from right to left and using an auxiliary set of hats), and it works very well!