Using a Trailer to Haul Your Drum Kit


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I am considering getting rid of my SUV and downsizing to a smaller car which wouldn't quite have the cargo space to haul my drum kit. Has anyone on the forum used a small enclosed luggage trailer to transport their drum kit? An example of this can be found here. I typically have to transport my gear about 4 times a month so the hassle of using the trailer won't be too bad. The trailer does have a suspension system to smooth out the bumps in the road but I am sure it won't match the ride of the SUV. All of my drums are in padded hard shell cases but I'm still concerned about my gear getting thrashed. Any thoughts on pursuing this further or should I just stick with my SUV?


Well I have a 4 x 8 enclosed trailer with a pointed front, and it is great for hauling everything. I have used mine for hauling my electronic drums, and amp, back and forth to church for many years now. It is also useful for other stuff. I have a pick up truck and never use it for hauling things in the back. The trailer is just so much easier, dryer, and has a drop down ramp for walking in and out of, and loading bikes, and lawn tractors, etc.


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I have seen bands do this kind of thing.
Some bands have a trailer that is large enough for all of their gear.
The downside is that if you have to park on a city street it can be a hassel.
You will also have to pay registration fees for the trailer.
The trailer will carry your drums with no problem though.


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It's a matter of balance. The beauty of having a trailer is that you don't have to deal with the extra hauling capacity when you're not hauling anything, which is about 95% of the time. The SUV, on the other hand, is dragging that dead weight everywhere it goes 100% of the time.

I would look at whether or not the cost of getting, insuring and registering a trailer will eat up any money saved by driving a smaller car.

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If you work the road theres no other way to get to your gigs. A long bed van with good power and atleast a 6x12, the size depends if your contracted to supply sound or not. I used to have two trailers and always 4 sets of drums. One for the road, another at rehearsal loft, another at home and another for free lansing when I'd be back home.
Gotta have a trailer, gotta be a dualie and be in perfect condition to avoid tickets from all over the east coast hahaha!!! Now I have a cute mini van and the drums ride with me, we have a trailer that the guitar player hauls the PA and his amp and bassmans gear too. 'I don't miss the haulin & ridin days and theres no place like home!! Gotta go tear down and play my new/old Signia set tonite and have some fun. Doc


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The downside is that if you have to park on a city street it can be a hassel.
This was by far the biggest problem I found with trailers.

Many venues had their own car parks or at least ample parking in surrounding side problems there. But many didn't. The load in from a busy city street either double parked, or a block or so away from the venue was often difficult enough as it was. Having to then find a park for a car with a trailer was so often a bridge too far.

Brilliant form of gear transport, no doubt. But depending where you live, the downside is definitely worth consideration too.


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toured for years with my drums in cases in a trailer .........dont worry about anything

just try not to leave them too ling if its hot out and they have wraps