Used Tama Starclassic Advice?


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The new ones from China are just as good or better quality. I'll bet you... Anyway, if I were you, I would actually get a BRAND NEW Starclassic B/B for the same price. They have gotten so good, you might actually have a better sounding kit than that older maple one.


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yes yes and YES
1. old starclassics were made in japan, that means youll get a vintage and collectors drum kit
2. at the going by of years, i dont know why, my drum teacher told me wood gets better, just as alcoholic drinks do
so if i were you, ill buy it immediatly...
though i would think buying a TAMA reso drumhead for the bass drum ;)


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I'd say go for it mate, there really is no reason to buy a new one for 1000 bucks more, especially if it's in as good as a condition as it appears from the pics mate. $1300 i would say is a resonable price for them if he seriously won't budge a bit. Go 4 it m8.


If you really want solid advise, post some pics of the 98' set and tell us how much they want for it.
Agreed... although it doesn't sound bad at all. You might wanna haggle a bit and see if you can get an even lower price... but buying used is a great way to save some money.
I think the tom mounts of the SC lines have improved over the years, but I don't know about shell quality. But it's probably good.


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Hey everyone this is my first drummerworld post so bare with me, I've been lookin around for an upgrade over my Pearl Export drum set and i've always liked the Tama Starclassic line. I found a used 1998 Tama Starclassic Maple set in excellent condition for a reasonable price. So my question is if i should buy a new starclassic for about 1000$ more, or should i buy this 1998 used one. Also, if there has been any major improvements over the past 12 years to the starclassic line. Any advice would be great, thanks.