Used Acrolite price jump?


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I used to pick up Acrolites in decent shape on Ebay from $85.00 to $125.00. Today, about every 14x5 Acrolite is going from $150.00 to $225.00! I guess people have been reading this site and decided to grab one. As a result, used prices are going up. Still, $150.00 average price is still a good price for a classic drum if the drum is in good shape.


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I bought one for $150 about a year ago, off eBay. I looked for quite a while, since there are so many for sale. I didn't want to jump at just any of them. Turns out, you would be hard pressed to tell this one from a brand new drum. I'm very glad I was patient and am very happy with the price I paid. $150 was well worth it.


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Odd. I was just looking at Ebay the other night and it seemed to me that the Acrolite prices had come down.


ron s

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I picked up two in the last 3 months
one was $129 with new snares and heads
one was off ebay in November for $110 including the "ufo" case. This one probably could use new snares, but it sounds pretty good.
You have to be very patient, it took me months and months to find these two- I was determined not to go much over $100. I got outbid on probably 15 Acrolites before landing these two.
Worth the wait

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I still see them routinely for under $50. The trick is to search for "remo drum" and "Rockers Snare" and buy the mislabeled ones.

At the moment of this posting, this blacrolite is at $23.77. Another just sold for $46.

I got mine for $51.
Yes a lot of people sell their kids snare after a year of school music and list it by the name off the head. I snagged a blackrolite for under 70 bucks, mint condition, with bag and stand listed as a weather king snare.


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I picked one up a few months ago for $89.00 CDN shipped. It is a Blackrolite but sounds and looks great.