Urgent please inform your host site hack


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there is an email doing the rounds for a uk bank scammer to phish bank details . They have hacked this site and added this to the domain / forum on your server. Please please inform your host or admin to close it edit it .. immeadiately !!

http://www.drummerworld.com/www.hsbc.co.uk/1/2/HSBCINTEGRATIONCAM10;jsessionid=00009vFo2cxB0nnPdqxVxhkSm2C12oq01s65IDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/IBlogin.html is the live link


they have added the hsbc link ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ here into the drummer world domain at your host and are scamming uk bank customers.

please act urgently

you will find this as a directory right now in your host ftp for this site


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Wow! That link really works. I just logged on and transferred $10,000 from my savings account to my checking account. Cool!


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Indeed. I had my computer identity stolen once. 3 days later, the thief returned it......along with a condolence card.
Brilliant Harry!!!!!

I'm guessing it was the same scoundrel who tried to steal my identity once.........until he figured out he had more to offer than take!!!


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Many thanks for the site admin for removing the hack from this site and closing the spammer down. I wont be using the forum I just came here to report it. Once again many thanks to the site admin for acting so fast.

Please could you delete my account now as it wont get used or relogged back on with.

Merry xmas to all unless your a bank phisher :)

and may all your drum kits be loud ones....