Urgent advert help please

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You inspired me to do another advert... using the sensual marketing charms (strategies) you're talking about :)

YES - YES - YES - nooooooo. Damn this PC world we live in :(

Henri, I love it, but I daren't - no, really.

"Undrilled" - that just blows any claim in that advert clean out of the water. It was semi believable up to that point ;)


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If it's not too late to chime in, I prefer the full kit photo but more green in the background. You have a lovely property with rolling hills and such, take advantage of it.

If you've ever seen the Teletubbies kids television show the the green rolling hills, go for that.... :) Maybe put a few choice cymbals/stands in the photo mix as well.

Good luck.

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Let me see Bermuda delete this one !!! (Doubt it.)
:) :) :)

Yes, sorry, a bit late with the rolling hills suggestion. Maybe next time.

Sorely tempted though I was by Henri's suggestion, I opted for this in the end. It's essentially Al's layout but with a change of photo & some text augmentation.

Sorry it's low res (upload limit)


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Henri's is easily the best, apart from being disgraceful, of course.
Yes, & for so many reasons :) "Undrilled", that just killed me right there!

How much? For the drums of course.....
Still working out the commercial policy (winging it, actually). Certainly, in the UK, I'm not convinced that going through shops is a good way forward. Overseas, I think we have little choice, but it's finding that right environment without adding way too much money to an already very expensive set of drums. For now, we can supply directly, so considerably cheaper, but as a retail guide going forward, think Craviotto money, & you're about there.

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When I uploaded the KP Guru advert today for correction by Edvia, I had another thought running in my mind... something for a drum magazine over 3 pages, I thought it could be effective to add a bit of mystery, until the reader discover the 3rd page...

What do you say Andy?




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I can't work with just these pictures. Please send me a complete kit, I promise it won't get "lost in shipping" but you may want to insure it, uh, just in case.
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