'..ur playing need more punch..'

agatho kornelis

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yaa, i got those words few times . at first i thought it was my technique, but still i got it again after i tried to improve on the technique ... and it left my wandering and i am not quite liking it ... so, i'm hoping i could get some advice from u guys here ..
thanks all, hope to hear from u all soon ..


Bo Eder

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Tuning? Technique? Bad audio recording? Do you get this said to you regardless of how people hear you? Punch could be anything, you know.


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Using slightly bigger sticks would improve "PUNCH".
Hitting slightly harder in a relaxed way would also raise one's "PUNCH" level.
Making sure you hit the drum dead center utilizing the aforementioned elements would also
further "PUNCHIFY" your drumming experience.


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Are we talking about the elusive quality know as oomphf?
That's my guess too, Arne.

Maybe emphasising the pulse more but having more differentiation between the volume of the hats/ride as compared with the kick and snare ... and between the regular notes and the accents?


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record yourself so that you can judge for yourself.

people don't always say what they mean and they don't always mean what they say. trust your own ears :)


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The only gig I ever got fired from was because of this. In that situation I was playing an 18" kick jazz kit trying to play in a band with two marshall half stacks and an 8x10 bass rig.

In that situation I don't think anything I could have done with that kit would have made me able to compete with the volume of the other guys in the band. I got a bigger kit with a 24" kick and started using bigger sticks.

There are times when the issue is the listener. The singer in my band switched to in ear monitors for a while and had nothing but his vocals and guitar in his monitor mix and would yell at me for "loosing the beat". He just couldn't hear.