-Upper Back Pain is it just me.....-


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About two months ago i started to get cronic back pain when i was playing or prac.... Just Below my right shoulderblade the left side is perfect as normal, Im Right handed naturally and you could say it's my stronger hand, Latley it;s getting so bad that I could'nt play for more than about 10 min's a day and it's impossible to sleepwith. When i dont play it's seems to be ok although their is still a small bit of pain...! I never had an injury like this before, It's prob sumtin simple but what could it be Have you ever had this probles...?
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Eoin O Dowd


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Throne height, ride cymbal height, posture. My right arm kept going to sleep so I adjusted my ride. My set is very compact and easy to play with no reaching or stretching, etc. Try some adjustments and see if it helps. Try getting things closer together, overlapping cymbals etc.



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I've had this problem before, but it was baseball injury, I'm sure you could get it drumming also.
Mine was a pulled muscle, and after a little rest, some good icing/heating/re-icing/re-heating it was good.
But one of those thing heat pads you put in the microwave, lay down on your stomach, and put it on there.
If you have a wife/gf, maybe you can talk her into rubbing it out for you haha.


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Do you have a backrest on your throne? That is the single most important thing that I have done to help with back and shoulder pain. I'm 51 years old and I have had problems with my back and shoulders for many years now. The backrest works! I simply lean back, relax and play. I did have to carefully custom bend my backrest to accommodate my backs profile. I have set the backrest high to support my back right underneath my shoulder blades. I also bent the backrest in to make me sit straight up.