Upgrade or New stuff?!


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Do you upgrade, for example cymbals, before buying a splash, china? anything you don't have? It seems to me that many people are just getting a bunch of shiet stored around their kit, that thye rarely use. I don't want 'too' much if that's even possible.
At the moment i got a crash and a much expensiver ride, my crash and my hats are very cheap, and not very good sounding - to me. (Meinl HCS)
So i would like to now, if i really should buy something, is a splash very comon, and is it much used? (For those who have them) - is it difficult to position them, with a clamp? Or in a yamaha 3 slot mount for Bd's?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there,

First of all, it depends on your kit, your preferences and the hardware you have to position the splash.. but it really shouldn't be anything difficult.

I have a cheap Wuhan splash that sounds great, and yet I very rarely use it. I don't even have it on my kit, it's resting on the floor next to it and sometimes when I'm in the mood I take it to a rehearsal or something, but that's just me... I don't use it much, but it all depends on what you like to play!!!

Then.. my best advice would be: save some money and upgrade your hats. Those and your ride are your most important cymbals, the ones you'll be playing the most. After you get some nice hats and ride, go for a good crash. Then, and only then, I would start buying accesory cymbals. But again, that's just the way I handle it, you may do it differently. ;)



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I would upgrade to better product before buying more pieces. Hats especially. Hats and ride are the main two for me.


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Depends what your upgrading from. I still use my xs20 hats as they sound not that far off pro to me, and I guess hats just don't really do it for me tha much. I.e. I could hear a ride and thing sweeeeeeet baby Jesus that sounds lush, but hats all jus sound a bit samey to me. So that's why I've bought other things for my kit instead of upgrading my hats. But you don't nessecarily have to get rid of your old stuff. I still have my xs20 ride and crashes at home, I just don't take them to gigs. It's still fun to have them on my kit.


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My most basic kit is a 4 piece with hats, crash, splash, and ride.
The splash is very useful.
I only own high end cymbals.
I will sometimes use a second crash and/or a second ride when I am playing at a larger venue for more stage appeal.

Mounting a splash is not a problem with a small clamp type cymbal arm.


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If you're questioning whether you actually need a splash or china, then chances are you don't.....at this stage anyway. As stated, hats and ride cymbals are staples. Personally, I'd upgrade them (in your case it's just the hats) before considering effect cymbals.


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Would you consider an Avantgarde Precision Ride for good? It sounds pretty good to me, darker sound than what i've heard somewhere else. It crashes really god when hitting the edge. Bell is good too. Bought it used for about 30% of the new price which is 482$ in Denmark. So i bought it for about 154$ pretty good deal - maybe?

I thought about buying new hats - Dream Bliss 14'' - Any good? Sound pretty good on y-tube. Since i have to drive hours to get to a store who got these, (and since i can't drive myself) youtube and your input is really what i got. My drum teachers says that, if it sounds good to me, it sounds good enough. But i can't try em out anywhere - near me.


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It really depends, but hats, ride and at least one good crash are sort of the core of your setup in most cases.
Agreed - my first goal was to get those three cymbals upgraded to something that sounded decent. My splash is a Paiste 2002 that I bought back in the early 80's and still sounds great. I now have two crashes (14" and 16" A Custom) that I use regularly. When I have room to spread out, I also use my 18" A Custom crash, and my cheap ZBT china, which sounds really trashy!