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I figure that everyone here is an avid music lover like myself, so im curious to see which concerts everyone has lined up this year.

As for myself, I am going to see Massive Attack at the Palladium and potentially Camp Flog Gnow and The National/Alvvays with the wife. I'm based in LA

What shows and concerts do you have lined up?
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I have tickets to 3 shows right now:
Everygrey in August
Jinjer in September
Lacuna Coil in October.

This will make up for having not gone to a single show so far in 2019 (!)


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At the Gates in October. I've never seen them live before, and I think it's the last band of that era that I haven't seen.
After seeing only 4 live shows over 5 years , I’m making up for lost time this year . Seen almost a dozen shows since January and have these upcoming shows ....Edgar winter NYC Thursday, Tedeschi Trucks band NYC September, Billy Cobham on Long Island in October, Joe bonamassa NYC November . And maybe jimmy Vaughan in bethel ny in September
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If you haven't seen them yet, you sure are in for a treat. I've seen them three times, back when they played the Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tours. They were all great, but The Lamb was something else - an unforgettable show.
This will actually be my third time. Seen the Lamb and the Black Show/Selling England by the Pound. This show is called A Genesis Extravaganza-favs from 1970-1977


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Really? It looks huge from pictures. Someday I will see for myself.
I know, right? I visited it as a kid and remember thinking how huge it was but the seating capacity inside is only 5738 (although but much larger events happen outside in the forecourt).
Fun fact: the inside space is actually refrigerated instead of air-conditoned.

Make sure you come up to the Gold Coast when you come over while you're at it (y)

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Gosh, it may be this weekend??? But Gary Clark Jr. is playing in Indy at the jazz festival or whatever it's called these days. He's been one of my favorite newer artists in the last 5 years.

K Chez

Jinjer in October -WAY stoked on this! I have a history of discovering and getting into bands after their done, so finding a band that I dig that's active is a treat.