Unexpected odd-time in rap


Bit of a drummer thing to notice but "Underground" by Eminem (Relapse album) is in 5/8. I wonder what the production process behind that beat was... it must have been a conscious decision. Any other odd-time signatures in genres where you wouldn't expect it?


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Funnily enough, I was a tutor in NYC last year, and during orientation, the extremely up-beat song on the orientation video was in 7/8.... I was flabbergasted, and confused as to why they would make a song in 7/8 for an orientational video on tutoring.... Nevertheless, it was certainly groovy and i think the guy sitting next to me was also a musician cause we were the only 2 people in the room bobbing our heads to it haha.


A lot of newer rap comes in odd time signatures because it's got live drums in it.

A lot of the older stuff had normal 4/4 as it sampled songs already in 4/4