unexpected inspiration ...


... I found some last night in this video

admittedly I am not a big watcher of drum videos on YouTube ... just not really interested ... but I am loosely shopping for a new kit and have been looking into some DW bop size stuff on recommendation by a friend.

I randomly come across this video of Henry Cole ... who I have been aware of for quite a while and always had nothing but respect for him.

... but this video blew my mind and lit inspiration into me in a way I have not felt in quite some time

this video is 9 + minutes of the most beautiful, musical, drumming fury that I have heard in a very very long time

It is extremely rare for me to freak out about a drummer and his playing ... but everything about about this performance is absolute perfection to me

if you have not seen it before I hope you enjoy it as much as I have



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"Drumming fury" is an understatement. Excellent= I like the way he drives it with his hi hat leaving his hand for cymbal highlights and then dances on his cymbals with a light touch caresses- all the while exploding on the snare and toms in a blazing fury. Very controlled dance. Kept my attention the whole time too.

Jeff Almeyda

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I had never heard of him until today but that solo was tremendous.

His ideas come across very clearly, he pulls so many tones out of his kit and his feel is smooth even when he is letting tons of notes fly.

Very, very few guys can hold my attention for over 9 mins.

Thanks for the link.


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Wow, thanks for bringing yet another great drummer and video to my attention. Love the way he weaves in and out of motifs and yet there seems to be a larger, overall motif adhering the whole performance together. Loved it. No "chops for chops sake" there, that cat is playing music.