Ultimate toms sound !?

Its because they are mic'd. Drums will never sound like that in person. Its the nature of the instrument. The proximity effect is what gives you that nice warm, resonant, round tone. You don't hear the overtones much at all because of this. You also have gates, eq, compression that will all give you that final result.

Tuning also plays a big part, because mics do hear everything with very little colouring...well good quality mics anyway. If you don't have the batter or resonant head in tune with itself, it will ring out with an awful sounding ring. Overtones = pure harmonics. Ring = out of tune, out of phase boing.


Ok ... how can I convince my toms that they'll have sound like that ?? :)


No, but seriously is it really just about the drums&tunning ... or is it here also a good studio work ? (room acoustics, mic placement etc .. )

tnx for y answers!
All the above. If you position your ears within an inch of your batter heads and have your drums tuned correctly, you should just about hear what you're hearing on Youtube. Never mind, never listen that closely to your drums and always use ear protection, except when tuning. There are probably more variables than you can shake a stick at. It starts with tuning and the proper heads to tune. After that is in the recording process which includes the proper mics, microphone positioning, getting it accurately to the recording medium and mixed down to whatever format you want.

Good luck, take one step at a time.



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... thanks .. this makes sense.
So, almost every nowadays drum recording ... is not exactly "natural" sound of the drum?
What we are hearing while playing is then really different experience...

But what do you prefer more on recordings . A produced drum sound or more natural listening aspect ?
Cause I like those toms very much ! :D