UK-US/Canada Short Term Life Swap, Anyone?


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Hey guys,

Sorry if you've seen this before, but I'm hoping the right person will see it!

I'm a private drum teacher in my early 30s based in Nottingham, England, looking for an adventure across the pond! I'm hoping to 'swap lives' for up to 3 months with someone in a similar position to me in the USA or Canada; you'll get my house, business/students/teaching studio, and friends (if you want them), and I'll take care of yours in return!

It's early stages but thought I'd put the feelers out and see if any of you would be interested. I'm looking into temporary work visas (which will differ for US or Canada), but if they are much trouble I think we can work around it :)

A bit more about me;

I have a roster of 40+ students at beginner to lower advanced level, play guitar in a Foo Fighters tribute group (which you are welcome to fill in if you play guitar), and live in a 2 bed Victorian terrace in Radcliffe On Trent, Nottingham, England. I've been teaching for the last 10 years, at first in colleges, and for the last 7 years privately full time. I earned a BA degree in Popular Music studies at the University of Leeds, before studying at The Drummers Collective in NYC, and taking private tuition with Dom Famularo, who I currently work with via Skype to run masterclasses with my students. I have endorsement with Vic Firth (on the PDT program) and D'Addario (Evans skins, etc), and a teaching studio set up with 2 Gretsch kits plus tons of books DVDs, practice pads etc. Although my main interest is rock/pop kit styles, I have experience with most genres. Outside of music, I enjoy sports (play football (soccer) every Friday) and hitting the local pubs for a quiz or quiet pint!

A bit about you;

Something similar to above! Professional, reliable, trust worthy, etc.

I think this would be a great experience for both us as teachers and our students. Feel free to send me private messages if you are interested or just want to say hi!

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Super Phil

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This is such a cool idea. I'd seriously be interested in this, but my wife would probably beat my a$$ if I tried to do it, lol
I bet I could even hang with your soccer would have to take my spot in ice hockey, though!


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Thanks for the support Phil! I recon your wife would love a few months in England! I, however, would suck at ice hockey; I went skating once and I must have provided some amazing entertainment for anyone who was watching!

Feel free to spread the word!