UK National Drum Fair. Sept 25/26. Anyone going?


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Ooo you're in for a treat with Ralph! He came down to BIMM to give us a master class and it's probably the most valuable two hours or so that I've ever spent in a room with another drummer. The time playing excercise/warm-up that he showed us is the most valuable part of my practice routine these days, oh and not to mention the man a groove like there's no tommoro!

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Cheers for the heads up Kev. You turning up? I looked at pictures of previous years events, & it looks like there's a ton of interesting stuff there, plus it's all in a cosy "home made" style environment. Nothing like a commercial exhibition deal. There's some cool sounding cymbals on display that I'm especially interested in trying. I've had a couple of discussions with their UK people. We might be a good fit.

Either way, if I'm the only DW member there, I'll take some pics for the forum.


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i probably would go if it wasnt in birmingham since i live in kent thats a long ol' journey


off down to Olympia tommorrow, damm i mean today now, to he drummer exibition.