UK Birmingham/Manchester drummer wanted


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Hi folks,

I couldn't find a 'people for hire' section, and this didn't really fit in the classifieds, so I'm hoping this doesn't get deleted, what with me offering to pay a drummer money and all. :cool:

I'm putting together a film project, and looking for a drummer based in the West Midlands/Manchester area, with their own recording kit. Not looking for anything fancy, just bass/snare mic and two overheads for a fairly live sound.

The music could be described as Sesame Street funk, with a little reggae and Zoot-Suit jazz mixed in, lots of fun to play. Would easily get everything recorded in a single day.

There's some cash and a percentage of the profitshare available, not sure how much yet as it depends on the budget. But the idea of finding someone who can self-record is that part of the cash that would have gone to a studio can go to the drummer.

This is a self-funded project, and everyone involved in it works professionally, including crew, actors and animators.

If you live in the right area and have the skills to pay the bills, then drop me an email with some soundclips and I'll let you know more about it!