two heads higher than one?


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I have noticed something very interesting regarding the pitch of a drum
when the resonant head is intruduced.

I removed the reso on my kick drum and stuck a mic in there and recorded
it. I had no Idea it was tuned that low....this was subsonic territory and
sounded like those hip-hop, rap kicks that occupy the ENTIRE bass range.

Put the reso back on and tuneit to the SAME pitch as the batter....
record it and the pitch has risen significantly?

You would think that two heads tuned to the same pitch would resonant at that pitch
but they don't and this intrigues me - I don't get it.

Same thing with my floor tom - I removed the reso and was suprised at how low pitched it was - put the reso on, tune it the same and the pitch rises at least 2-3 notes higher? Anyone know why this occurs?

Obviously the two heads are interacting with eachother in some way that raises the pitch but when both are tuned to the same low note it doesn't quite make sense to me.