Two drummers in bands


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I always think about Bill Kreutzmann, I saw the Dead in 72 with one drummer, I saw them (The Grateful Dead) with the Allman Bros in 73 with one drummer, my favorite LP by the Dead was/is Europe '72... The 2 or 3 Dicks Picks I have are with Kruetzmann only. I really liked the Dead with one drummer.

The Allman Bros... 2 drummers I like them too, but it's busy. It's good, don't get me wrong. Something like a drummer and a percussionist works for me but 2 kits muddles things up IMHO.

And the decades keep marching on and my musical tastes have progressed, but I still maintain a select, yet diverse listening collection... and 1 kit plus a percussionist is great. So is just 1 kit.

Stay crisp my friends...