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So, I'm sorta forcing my guitarist friend to learn some basic ska guitar, so he is sorta forcing me to learn some country drums. I'm not a huge country fan (tractors...corn...wheat...tractors), but I do enjoy cowpunk and alt-country, and Uncle I just would enjoy a few recommendations along those lines...or even REAL country...sigh...I guess a man can be forced to learn to love tractors...corn...wheat...tractors...ZZZzzz.........


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Most of today's country is pop music.

I play country every weekend...the toughest challenge I deal with is being tasty. Its easy to be over the top. We cover stuff from 1960 to some of the new tunes on the country top 40.

Here's who I like listening to play.

Brad Paisley's drummer Ben Sesar
Zac Brown's drummer Chris Fryar
Restless Heart's drummer John Dittrich

Traditional country has a lot of beats to get to know
4/4 shuffle
2/4 shuffle
Swing shuffle
train beat
Half time or cut time
and then theres the waltz's...theres so many variations of that beat.

I don't know how in depth you will get..the drumming itself it not hard its getting the "FEEL" right, but thats the case in most music lol


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if you want real county.....not this fake shit that is coming out today...

listen to

David Allen Coe
Waylon Jennings
George Jones
Hank Williams Jr. and Sr.
Merle Haggard
Don Williams
Conway Twitty
Gram Parsons
the Flying Burrito Brothers
Wille Nelson

stuff like that.....


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I think that country is sneaky like many styles. It seems boring and simple, but show up at a country jam and you're likely to get your ass handed to you. It's deeper than it looks in passing.


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My current band plays a mix of country and rock music and I have to say that for our entire set list I never have to use the train beat. Kind of dissapointing because I actually worked on it quite a bit before joining this band.

Most of our country songs require the basic two beat (with or without swing feel). I mainly stick to the snare for fills and keep them simple with a flam here and a drag there. Fills over the toms are a nono.


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Now that I've started this thread... could I get some reccommendations for sticks for music such as The Band Perry or Josh Turner, and then country in general? Thanks.