Tuning Techniques


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Nice... I usually go lower on the reso head too, but not that much. I've tried tuning the other way with the reso higher than the batter and it just sounds really bad to me.

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It's another totally valid tuning method, & it's impact is well explained, but what I don't like, is the audio processing used to kill off the high overtones in the playing examples. You can hear this tailing off when his room / vocal mic switches in.


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To be certain, he has 4 or 5 videos on his Youtube channel with different tunings. I only posted 2. Look to the right of the vids for others.
I have used this style many times. I prefer a tighter head for better rebound and more note definition.

I also do even tuning on batter and reso; and also tune with higher reso and looser batter.

No right or wrong, just different styles for different sounds.