Truth Drums?


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Hey guys, sorry if I'm dumb. I'm a first time poster here.

Was just wondering if anyone here has or have used a Truth Drums drumkit? I've been drummin' for almost 10 years now, and I think it's about time I got away from second hand... I'm a serious drummer and really have nothing to show of it cause I come from a very unfortunate family.
I noticed that a lot of the drummers I like are using Truth Drums. They are some pretty sexy stuff, and I would love a kit, problem is, the whole unfortunate family/poor college student thing. I might get them by the end of September if I get my butt in gear... Posting cause I just wanna know if the price on these drums are really worth it. What are you guys' opinions on Truth Drums?

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If your looking for a sexy finish than, yes its worth the money, but if your looking for a kit that sounds amazing and looks good than, no its not worth the money. I'm not trying to say that Truth kits sound bad or anything its just you could get a better sounding kit that still looks good for less. This advice applies to most "custom" drum companies.


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Truth, like "most" boutique builders, uses Keller shells. Basically, strip away the $2K lacquer paint job, you have a $1000 drum kit.​
Recently, I just watched a Yamaha Recording Custom kit (10, 12, 14, 16, 22 with anvil cases) sell on eBay for less than $1K. Piano black lacquer.​
Buy a gently used kit. Unless you plan on keeping the Truth kit for the rest of your life, it's guaranteed you'll lose money on the deal.​