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Hey everyone! I'm new here. This is my first post here, thought I could get some help. I have a Yamaha aluminium snare drum which sounds absolutely fantastic, but looks terrible since it's pretty old. Its badly rusted at spots and now i cant find anything to take it off. I tried WD40, but it didnt help. Anyone have any suggestions?


Concrete Pete

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It's futile to use WD-40 for rust removal--I suggest you pick up a bottle of Naval Jelly, and apply it to the rusted spots. After one or more applications and some 'elbow grease', (however many it takes) clean the previously-rusted spots really well, and spray or dab on clear acrylic laquer to prevent re-rusting.

C. P.


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Ditto on the naval jelly and try some 000 or 0000 steel wool from the hardware or paint store.


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I know this sounds silly, but if the rust isn't too bad yet try rubbing it out with aluminum foil.

Big Foot

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Strip down the drum to as many pieces as you have the patience for.

Then polish the rusty & corroded parts out w/ stuff you can find at any auto supply store;

-Eagle One aluminum wheel polish
-Bluemagic metal polish
-Never-dull magic wadding polish (this stuff is good on chrome)

this stuff will polish out the rust and corrosion on the chrome and aluminum.

It's a bit of work but you'll be glad you did.

A note to all; - WD-40 will corrode aluminum!!


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If it sounds great.....Who cares what it looks like!!!! It's a snare drum! Keep it clean and play the hell out of it! A little rust never hurt anyone. Denis