Trio of Oz, Omar Hakim


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Just been to our naitons great capital (Edinburgh) to watch "trio of oz" featuring Omar Hakim, the whole night was great. Very small venue, under 200 capacity. Only about a 100 there if that, got a spot right next to the stage, so that I could watch like a hawk. The band had a great vibe and good interaction with eachother, they seemed to like the venue a lot and thanked us for the "great vibe", saying "it gave them what they needed to put on a great show". Omar was ace, although, to be totaly honest, i thought he used a lot of the same lick's repeatedly, and there was no point in the performance when I could'nt understand what he was playing (unlike john bonham's solo on "how the west was won") which i was pleased with, as I believe if you can understand it, you can play it. Spoke to him a couple of times during the night, and he was a great laugh, very open. Told him when i was just begining i bought one of his books which i could not understand in the slightest and how 14 years later i could still not understand it. To which he reply'd "thats not too good", however I told him i learn by watching and that the night was a revelation. Even got to help him break down his kit.

The strangest moment of the night is when a drummer at the bar turned to me saying, "watching that makes me want to give up", although i know where he was comming from, i still thought it an un-usual comment, surley the man should have been inspired (as i was).

Most frustrating experience of the night was knowing that Omar was doing an exibition the next day, which I couldnt attend, due to work commitment's, I bet there would'nt have even been a dozen drummers in attendance, as close to a one on one, that you'd ever get from a drummer of that caliber.


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Sounds like you had a great time! I really enjoy Omar. I was always blown away by his drumming on the David Sanborn show "Night Music" back in the late '80's. Just a great drummer all around! That had to be a real treat to meet him and watch him play so closely.