Triggering a Bass Drum Instead of Mic'ing?


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So many people just don't understand.

I do it often. I have that Roland RT-30K and a Roland TM-2 (there is zero need for "computers, laptops etc. the TM2 is a small module)

1, you can set it to use dynamics so the sound will get louder and softer based on your hits, IF YOU WANT. or you can turn dynamics off and every hit can sound like 100%.... Bermuda is right in that it won't be quite full dynamics as it is only what you have on the module, but it isn't a brick wall if you don't want.

2, You can record your own kick sound, use someone elses acoustic sounds, electric sounds, or whatever sample you want. I have been to clubs where the sound guy SUCKS. when you trigger it sounds perfect pretty much all the time.

3, It's easy to set up. plug in cable, plug in 1/4 cable. give soundguy output to DI box. Oh sorry, hit power button ON.

4. You can still use a mic and blend the triggered sound and the mic.

I like to blend, but I do it mostly for my IEMS. if the monitor mix is shitty I have a little mixer beside me and I can just turn up my own kick drum in my ears as I really need to hear that more than anything when I play.

You can pre edit the sample, eq, or just find a good bass drum sound and it's always the same.It cuts the mix so well it will help your outdoor problem 100%.. boost the highs and lows and your good to go.