Tower of power song- incredible performance


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Recorded at the Fillmore in '11 I think- Garibaldi just holds it down (probably win a Guinness Book award for most ghost notes played in a song) but the start is the sax player (RIch Allen I think).

They work into a groove that is really incredible and the sax playing and coordination between band members is really just unlike anything I have ever seen. Enjoy!


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That is just such an insane rhythm section. The syncopation and pump they put into a groove is second to none.

I've been fortunate to play with Tom Politzer a number of times and listen to him cut loose with local cats where there are no videos. It makes me realize that even when these guys are wailing on these big money gigs, it's only the tip of the iceberg.

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If ever there was a performance where so called "improvement" could only be detrimental, this is it.

The vibe is just insanely good! :)


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I somehow seem to "forget" about Garibaldi ... then I hear / see something like this and wonder why I don't listen to him more.

Wonderful technique, taste, time ... and gobs of groove. Him and Rocco ... wow.

(and the horns are bad either - lol!!!)

Thx for the post!



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Awwww Yeah!! This brightened my day, man...thanks for the post!

Some seriously funky music with a rhythm that drives harder than a cargo


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That was great, thanks for posting.
I'm going to dig out my Future Sounds book now...

Get back to one of the books that perhaps inspired/influenced me more than any other...and I don't really play funk/fusion/r&b!



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That sax player really blew my mind. That guy has soul on his soul and licks on his licks. Just incredible and the rhythm section is almost not to be believed. It just pumps like an engine.

That whole show is on youtube in parts and pieces- Tower of Power at the Fillmore.

Its a get up and dance performance! I dont blame you.


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Well, that's been an ear-opener for me, and no mistake.

The sun's going to shine all day now!

Bo Eder

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Love Tower of Power - but I must relate a funny story. I got a chance to see David Garibaldi in a clinic at one of our local music stores here in the 80s (he was still playing Rogers drums - that's how long ago this was), and he was great. But you would think the funkiest drummer on the planet would be a little more relaxed and not so "square". The man was square - I don't know how else to say it. It was like learning about the funk from your high school science teacher. I left the clinic with my world a little askew that night!

But to see him in a clinic playing five feet in front of you was an awesome lesson.


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Bueller, Bueller.

First thing this morning. I don't need coffee now. How I would love to be in a band such as that