Toto - Rosanna, question


I'm having difficulty figuring out a part in this song (album version). The part is the break just before the chorus: between "Now she's gone and I have to say" and "Meet you all the way" Jeff is playing cool accented sextuplets around the kit for approximatly four beats (one full measure), but if you listen to it, it just never seems to match up with the pulse. It's almost as if that measure is some really odd time signature because he and the band seem to land a couple hairs past beat one.

For exactly what i'm talking about go to 1:05 in this video:

It's not in an odd time signature. The fill count is:

1 2 3 4 1 an

"an" would be the snare hit (and slightly flammed to my ears)

a little "over the bar line" fill there....

Hope that helps a little.


Yeah, that's it, thanks. What a tricky little break that is. Now to try to figure out his accenting. It sounds like he is accenting the last note of each triplet, at least for the first couple triplets. What a cool drummer he was.