Top this for a random gig


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Had a gig contract come through last night to play for these guys:

I'm sure there's a really bad joke here but I can't think of one.

We need to crank out some Grateful Dead surely?


"Uncle Larry"
On the contrary, I've heard those guys are totally nuts when they gather together.

It should be a rip roaring good time of a gig.

A real lively bunch, those embalmers are.

They're a scream!

I wonder how many embalmers get embalmed. Hmmmmm.


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You should be glad for the work.

Competition is stiff.


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You guys have already taken the good puns and references, so I feel like I'm just beating a dead horse.

New Tricks

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I think it would be a grave mistake to take this gig.

But if you do, get paid up front so you don't get stiffed.


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I don't have any more puns, but I did play for an undertaker's confefence dinner once, and they really let their hair down! Was a great show.

We also played for an international conference of physicists. They weren't very good dancers, and they were mostly intreverted, but we did manage to get them all up to dance 'Nutbush' at one point. I specifically remember four Chinese scientists who were apparently world leading geniuses, who really had trouble sorting out their left and right legs.


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A mate of mine from school did an apprenticeship at an undertakers, a bunch of absolute nutters. I bet it'll be a great gig. Better than the NYE gig I did for a load of recruitment consultants, what a bunch of self loving wotsits.

No offence meant to any recruiters on here, not that I'd think there would be, more likely to be guitarists or singers.


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Purely coincidental - I was attending a conference event a few years back. In the same big conference venue, & at the same time, that exact society were having their annual conference. It was a good size & fairly lavish event, so I'd imagine it's a good payer :)