Top 3 Ringo Drumming?


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I'm going to cheat... as when I'm listening to conceptual Beatle releases all the songs merge and fold so nicely... the early dance stuff was different. And Ringo even played a mean Brit style Bongo too!

I want to Hold Your Hand

The entire Revolver album

The entire Abby Road album


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Hi all.

Major Ringo fan here ;-)

I like to play along to a lot of Beatles songs, but my favs would be

1).. The Word (love the change into the sloshy hats)
2).. I want to hold your hand
3).. Day Tripper (you can really lay into the floor tom rolls)



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Mine would be (in no order)

1. A Day in The Life
2. Tomorrow Never Knows (just love the snare/rim crack on this as it's pretty damn consistant throughout)
3. She Said She Said

EDIT: just seen above Tomorrow Never Knows is a loop. Is that right?
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