Tommy Lee goes back to Pearl


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He played Sonor on the Shout at the Devil tour and the first half of the Theatre of Pain tour. Switched to Pearl for the 2nd half of the TOP tour to Pearl, then moved to DW in 1989 for Dr Feelgood.

Pearl should make a Tommy Lee export signature kit, chrome with red hardware, like his famous GGG kit. I would buy it


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wait, what? LOL...that was like one of those double negative things.

ALIVE is still probably the single most influential album in my life.


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Oh, come on now. Peter Criss was banging on Pearl drum in 1973 ... and Tommy Lee was 10 years old. By the time the 80's rolled around, Pearl didn't need no help bein' put "on the map", they were already there.
They were there, but not selling a ton of kits (although they didn't really have the product). They were still behind Ludwig at the end of the 70's. Criss was out of Kiss by 1980. Look at Modern Drummer adds for Pearl in the early 80's. The drums were funky, they didn't have a lot to offer, and they only had a hand full of endorsers.

Then when MTV came out, Pearl and Tama were the two companies that most realized what a gold mine of free advertising it was and went out and signed every hair metal band they could. Tommy Lee was one of them (and yes, he played Sonar before that). At the same time, Pearl and Tama greatly improved their product and value. By the mid/end of the 80's, the combination of better product and media blitz made Pearl & Tama the top sellers for the younger set.

Of course, the more sophisticated players were all buying Yamaha, but Pearl Exports were flying off the shelves.