To stuff of not to stuff?


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Did you let somebody else play your kit to be able to figure it out from the audience point of view ?
It's always tricky ; I played on a nice stage last week, great sound from my player point of view, but people complained a bit about overall balance, and a friend of mine told me my drums sounded "muted" which was good - to him - but not to me ! Bass drum almost empty (T shirt against front head), G1 clear on toms, G1 on snare, absolutely no moon gel !!! I was really surprised. He also told me my 13" tom sounded like a 16" and my 16 sounded like a 18" :: Better :)
I heard them through the monitors, when the sound guy fed the signal back in. There was some pinging, but he said it's because we had no gating capabilities on the rented board. I did want to hear them from an audience perspective, but things got crazy and we started to push for time, so I didn't get to hear them. This is going to be an absolute priority next time though.