to drum or not to drum


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I've been contemplating a switch to bass because I live in an apartment building so my kit is not in the basement, work a lot, have very little time to get to my studio to practice regularly and don't have the space to get an e-kit to practice at home, and it just doesn't cut it to practice on a pad. Call me spoiled for not feeling inspired to practice on a pad and want the real kit, but it is just the least exciting prospect when thinking of practicing an instrument.

On the other hand, bass is always there, can plug in through headphones or just use the amp and practice away. It's not such an inconvenient instrument in this way and for the several years I've been drumming which essentially end up being a skill level of 2-3 years, I think if I switched to bass I could improve quicker than I ever have on drums being the convenience of being able to practice everyday on a real instrument.

I'm wondering if any of you have gone through these thoughts, what I call a musical identity crisis, haha. Also, my hearing is getting worse from drumming and I'm so tired of lugging around so much gear! But the bottom line is, I have the fervor for being a drummer, but the truth is I don't think I have the natural touch.

Anyway, would be interested to hear your thoughts on making switches to different instruments.
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Sounds to me like you are really leaning towards the bass at this point. That's ok, if you ask me. I have played many other instruments as well, all of which have helped me with the one I chose to make my primary. If you are not completely happy behind a kit, then maybe it'd be a good idea to adventure out. But don't let inconvience decide this for you, afterall, if you were to do everything that came easier then life would be really boring. But you do need to find something to fulfill your musical side, and if that's not drums, then I say give the bass a whirl. To be honest, I'll opt out of practicing my drums every now and then to sit and strum my acoustic for awhile. Sometimes it's nice to just take a break from what you do all the time, but yet you still want to jam.

Long story short, do what you feel you need to do. Maybe the bass will be your thing, or maybe you just need something to keep your busy when you can't play your drums...who knows? Either way, at the very least, by playing/learning another instrument you will only be broadening your knowledge, and there's never a down side to that.


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Anyway, would be interested to hear your thoughts on making switches to different instruments.
Life's too short for indecision....or to willingly persist in doing anything you don't have to do.

It's pretty simple mate. If you want to play, then play....if you're motivated, you'll play on a pad. If you don't want to play, then don't.....pick up that bass and have at it.