TIP O' THE MONTH (september)


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when you get new hardware don't trust the manufacturer's installment of rubber feet. even hi end stands have the rubber feet just pushed onto the stands. 6 months of gigs down the line you pull the standout of the bag and find that one of the rubber feet are missing.
inspect the new piece carefully. try to pull the rubber feet off. if they come off easily then roughen up the metal with sand paper or a drill and epoxy the foot back on. check your stands this way regularly. once a black rubber foot is lost in the excitement of the dark after-gig stage its gone forever.


ps: that said i have never lost a rubber foot of a pearl stand. gibraltar one and premier at least three over the years.

Trip McNealy

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That's why I have a drum rack :) No rubber feet except for the pole bases, and those I'd notice if they were gone lol.

Drummer Karl

Jason, I exactly know what you mean. I experienced this with a bunch of kits and hardware. I dislike to see small equipment falling off, like wing nuts, screws or gum parts like you mentioned.

My own hardware doesn`t have this quite significant problem. I`ve still got Tama Road Pro pedals along with Basix cymbal stands. Even the old Basix one didn`t lose the rubber feet, yet. Lucky me...hehe... :)

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"Uncle Larry"
Here's a good tip, if you have a kit at home that's always set up, tie a drum key to some string and tie the other end of the string where you can hook it easily. Voila, always a drum key at the ready. Uh make sure the string is just long enough to tie somewhere and be able to reach anything that needs reaching duh.