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Received my cd today. The music and instrumental stuff was frickin amazing! The only thing I didn't like were the vocal parts...but then again I'm more of a heavy rock/metal kind of guy. Maybe have them scream a little? Haha. But as a whole, the cd was really cool. Will definetly be listening to it a lot this week.


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I got mine yesterday and listened to it from start to finish. The iTunes program has it listed as Jazz, but I would say that it is more Funk than anything else. I found no problems with this recording whatsoever. The engineering was spot on. No musical mistakes,and it did not sound mechanical. Plenty of soul and feel for sure. John's drumming was phenomenal. The keyboardist,Corey Bernhard has fingers of jelly. He was all over it. The vocals I will say for a change were refreshing in that none of the singers tried to show there entire range of voice on one note. I hate that yodeling vibrato type. These were great. Luis Conte on percussion...if you know his stuff then you know it was good. There were a few other lesser know drummers on the CD as well. Some cats named Bozio, Bisquera, and Bissonette. I'll have to Youtube those three to see if they have done any other stuff to date. Props to our own Paul Quin, Executive Producer. That means he gets a boatload of money for doing nothing. I was with Paul the night he met John at a Dom Famularo clinic, and as you can tell it was a match made in heaven. But enough about Paul. There was another Quin on this CD. Paul's sister Sue, who I had the privilege of hearing some time ago on a CD Paul gave me. She has the voice of an angel and taught Paul everything he knows about Music.

If you do not have, 4Ever Jia, by the JBP, John Blackwell Project, get it soon. You will not be disappointed. You will put this CD on in ten years and it will still be hip and relevant. Thanks for the opportunity Paul.
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Thanks for writing your thoughts guys!!! If you have any questions about any of the tracks, whether in the recording or the playing, please ask and I will try to give you the answer. If I can't answer the question I can ask one of the guys.

GD - thanks for your kind words although not all accurate, especially the parts about "boatloads" of money and "doing nothing." Oh . . . the stories I could tell! I co-produced the CD as well as being executive producer and that meant that I probably had 10x the time into this CD than any of the musicians! You know I did learn a lot about the music biz from my sister. She is 8 years older than me and has been one of the UK's leading session singers for more than 25 years. I started playing gigs with Sue when I was 14 and recording with her when I was 15. It allowed me to go straight to playing with serious and seasoned players rather than having to go through the garage band scene.

Glad you liked the CD. Dairyairman - let me know if you have not received the CD by the end of the week because it went out on Monday.

Swiss Mathias: sarcasm, from the Mayor. And yes, it is Terry Bozzio that plays on the track!



Paul, I got my CD yesterday, thanks for letting everyone else win with me ;)

Holy crap where to start? I listened on the way to work and really enjoyed it so I tried a little test when I got there this morning. I piped it through the sound system here ( instead of our normal sat. radio stuff) and EVERYONE came to me and asked who it was. All positive feedback, and I unfortunatly may never get this CD back! Drums...amazing. Johns rolls are killer, as well as his chops etc. Real dynamic stuff. Great to listen to a true bunch of professionals playing togeather too, they all sound tight. Please don't tell me this is Jazz though because I hate jazz and I really like this CD!
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yes, i got my CD this week finally. it had gotten held up in the mail and i actually had to go to the postal warehouse to get it.

i really enjoy it! i wasn't all that familiar with john blackwell's playing up to this point, but after listening to these tracks, i'm really impressed! he's an extremely fluent, musical drummer with chops to spare but always playing the right thing at the right time. the music itself is kind of a blend of jazz and funk, but varies from track to track. there are some great vocals on there from a female singer i don't know. whoever she is, she's great!

i need to give it a few more listens to let it really sink it. i think it'd be a great playalong cd too, so i'm gonna try that as well.

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Thanks Guys!

I would like to put your comments on the web site but I won't do so unless you give me permission. Let me know!! Thanks