Time Manipulation Drum Book release

Alain Rieder

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This is an announcement for the release of my Time Manipulation Drum Book!

I have made the book available through a secret link. This is a print on order purchase, the regular price is 40 Swiss Francs + shipping, and there is a 20% discount for one week, starting from today.

Buy the book

This is the English edition, but I will release a French edition as well, before Summer I guess.

Audio examples
There are audio files for all of the examples. For the moment they can be downloaded by subscribing to my mailing list:

As the mp3s are meant for users of the book, it may be difficult to understand what is going on in some of the examples, if you don't have the book.
There are 147 files and they last more than an hour.

These mp3s are copyrighted and only meant for your own use, so you're not authorized to distribute, post or share them in any way other than giving the link to my site or to my mailing list.

This is a 185Mb download in a zip archive, so preferably do it on a computer with a good connection.

For more info, questions & comments, please refer to this thread:
Time Manipulation Drum Book