Tiki Cocktail set


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Tiki kit is interesting and sounds great. I am checking out your Terra Sonus tracks. Totally digging it. Very interesting sound scapes. Keep it up.


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I tell you, there is nothing like it. Playing standing up is a kick in the pants. Get a cocktail set and see for yourself. The portability and cool factor cannot be beat.
I know, I've messed around for a bit on one before! They're quite possibly the coolest thing since sliced bread, haha.


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Nice video DMC. What kind of camera did you use? Great picture quality. Are you a lefty, or did you just configure the cocktail kit that way?
Thank you about that. I am just getting into videoing.

I used a Kodak Play/Touch. It has a very good built-in mic but I used a Shure Beta 52 kick drum mic at the bottom and a Shure SM57 mic on the top, run through a Mackie 1202 mixer and then into the mic jack of the camera.

I play open, left hand hats and ride, right hand snare, so I set up the cocktail kit that way. A crossed player could put their hats on their right, near their ride, and play open as well. There is no hihat stand, just a bass drum pedal and you switch feet to play it to reduce fatigue, so there is no practical purpose in crossing the hands/sticks to play hats in a cocktail set.


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I was watching your right hand and it appears that the stick is not up in the crotch of your thumb and forefinger like it's really loose. Am I seeing correctly.?


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Here is a photo of me playing the Tiki Set a couple of weeks ago. I was playing with a keyboardist and a violinist and I'd move to the congas for some songs.