Three Favorite Bands of All Time?



Led Zeppelin (duh)
The Doors
I love many more bands but for some reason those two are head and shoulders above the rest.


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When asked this question I always think if I was stuck on an island and only had 3 artists to listen to for the rest of my life who would I pick. (I know this scenario would never happen, but just roll with it). That being the 3 I would choose are

1. Zeppelin
2. CKY
3. Trivium

Are they considered the "best" or "greatest" by people. Probably not, but I know that I can always put on one of their cd's and never be dissapointed.


Wow this thread really shows a persons age lol.

Mine has changed thru out my as of right now my favorites are..
3. Alterbridge


not really....
Im 18, I just don't connect with new music.


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Hm. It's tough to pick three, depending on what our definitions are. So can I use two lists?

First list, three bands that "mean" the most to me:

1) Aerosmith - Mom listened to them when I was younger, I know their entire catalog by heart.

2) Nine Inch Nails - The first cassette I ever bought for myself was NIN's Broken. Definitely "my" band.

3) Opeth - The band that opened me up to death metal, from whence I've never returned.

Now, the bands I'm really listening to lately:

1) Burzum - Not musically proficient, and the guy's an arsonist and murderer, but Filosofem is an INCREDIBLE album.

2) Brain Drill - Love technical death metal? Look no further.

3) Crowbar - Kirk Windstein's voice is AMAZING.