Thoughts on Youtube Drummers?


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I enjoy watching content from drummers who have established themselves outside of YT.......session guys, national clinicians etc.

The plethora of drummers playing covers and posting their shit on YT......well, I'm 42 years old now, we were playing to covers with headphones for decades, but that was always a means to an end as far as learning how to play or learning a song to play in our live set etc. it wasn't the end game. And never once did I want someone to watch me play along with Bonzo etc.

Not to start a generational war, but the 150-200 people that would enjoy themselves wherever we were playing live was the number of "likes" I needed to feel like I was doing more good than evil with my playing.

What is the conversion chart for actual butts in seats and digging it vs. YT "Likes"?


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I use this resource to see how to work through a part I may be having difficulty with in my cover band. I am glad some drummers have taken it upon themselves to post covers or teach a 30 second groove. After all, we're all copying drummers before us.
Sure its possible the drummer on u-tube also has it wrong.... but like everything, you have to show some judgment.
As a resource to watch other drummers wanking off on their chops for minutes on end it absolutely bores me to tears. I can't watch more than 20 seconds of that.


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I would never have figured out the Mozambique if I didn’t watch Gadd over and over on YT.

But certain things shouldn’t be searchable.
I don’t want to look for a song’s drummer only to find people doing drum covers.
Some drummers are hard to find, like Jim Gordon.

I tried searching for Toots and the Maytals’ drummer and of course I get mostly Ms Cohen. I’m not sure if YouTube can use Boolean expression.

Nevertheless, I like watching people doing interesting drum things on YT as long as they’re good and don’t just fancy themselves.