This rhythm style


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I'm curious about a kind of rythm were the bass plays 8* 8* 8 8* 8* 8. (* is a dotted note). Kind of like salsa but with added beats on 1 and 3. It's like the bass on the opening song to Jeff Porcaro's drum video:
But if you play it slower it can be more swingy.

I was curious what kind rythm that is - is it cuban, like the "mozambique" that Steve Gadd has talked about or is it something else. Could it be hawaiian...often when I've heard it, it has kind of a tropical atmosphere to it. Like the opening song on Porcaros drum video (again). What kind of style is this?

Any ideas or thoughts? : )

The background is that I've heard some japanese video game music with a lot of influences, and I wanted to pinpoint the influence and origin of the style were the bass plays this rythm I described.