thinking of a making a purchase

AsmarA Drummer

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there is the link to the criagslsit ad.

i was wodnering if anyone has any insight on weather or not tis a good deal?

ive already talked him down to 600$, and im trying tog et him at 500$.

so i totalled evrything out new and eveything would run somewhere in the 700 dollar range. depending on where you buy.

just looking for someone elses advice on buying this kit.

this is also jsut for a new band i joined, its not a dream kit by any means.

i already ahve on of those. haha


$600 is a very good deal for all that. I would do it in a heartbeat if I liked those kinds of tom mounts which I don't but thats just me. I do not know much about Ddrums but have not heard anything bad. I do love white drums too.

AsmarA Drummer

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thanks man, i appriciate the feedback, ive heard mixed reactions about ddrum, i read reviews online and ppl were like they are amazing. and then others have said they fall apart or they sound crappy, so i was just wondering before i go all out on the set if anyone had some advice, thanks man


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Not a huge fan of DDrum, but the guy says he's desperate for the cash, and you already got $200 off the drums. With all the extras, I'd go pick those drums up right now before he tries to sell them at his asking price to someone else.