Think it's a good idea to record an audition?


I was thinking about asking a band I want to audition for if I can set up a video camera first and record the whole audition. I want to post it here so you guys can all tell me what I did wrong or right, what I should have said, what I shouldn't have said... Everything.... But not too sure it's a good idea to do, might make whoever I'm auditioning for uncomfortable. What do you guys have to say about that?

The Old Hyde

It couldnt hurt to ask their permission to do so. If you dont get the gig you can use it to spot any weekness you have etc.

gaz farrimond

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I wouldn't because it adds extra pressure, and if I were a member of a band auditioning a new member who wanted to record the audition I'd immediately suspect some form of flaming on the net if the person didn't get the gig.

If the band can't be frank enough, or have the moral courage to give you an honest appraisal at your audition, I wouldn't be bothered with them.


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Personally, I'd just get in there and get it done without the added hassle of recording the session.

Whether you are accepted or not may not come down to your playing alone. Getting the gig can come down to a multitude of factors......from how you fit in, right through to how you look.....and not all of them will be apparent to anyone other than those saying yay or nay.


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Dude, sorry to say, but I think its weird, and I would guess the band will too. It would seem to me you are very self-conscious of your image or performance, and that reads insecurity.
Go in give your best. Blow the top off.
If you don't get it, OK maybe ask for some tips why. Most people are fine with saying why - its just supportive and constructive criticism amongst musicians.

Do you really think you are not going to be able to dissect a video and puzzle out why/why not you made the grade? just sayin'


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As someone who's auditioned band members before, I personally would feel kind of weird about that. And so I would recommend that you not ask to videotape it. It might bollix the whole thing.


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might make whoever I'm auditioning for uncomfortable.
I think it will make you uncomfortable and self-conscious. And as stated, it just doesn't seem right. I wouldn't do it.

Of course, the band may wish to make a video of the audition so they can compare the prospective drummers later, but that's up to them.


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Hmmm. Never thought about it. You're probably gonna be self-conscious anyway. You should do this if you can. It's good practice for pressure situations possibly.

I have the opposite problem. I'm too laid back at auditions because I think that if I don't get this one, I'll get the next one. But that doesn't happen very often. It's mostly me auditioning them. Do I want to play drum for them. I like it that nowadays you can go to a website where they post some of their best songs because the answer to that question is usually no. I'm very picky where I invest my time. I'm not getting paid, so it better be fun for me.