There Is-BoxCar Racer


hi drummerworld, i have a request for you guys, i have just recently heard this song There Is by Boxcar Racer, even though its old.. i was quite interested by travis's snare drum fill played throughout the entire song and i wanted to learn it. so, by any chance do any of you guys out there have the transcription of the song? ill gladly appreciate anyone who will help, Thank You

what the funk of it

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Oh man. This one brings me back. I used to eat this stuff up, but now I can't bare listneing to the whole thing with these vocals. Thank god for the 8 bar drum intro.

Anyways this one is really simple. 16ths on the snare accenting '1a', '2+', '4' and '4e'. Bass drum on 1 and 3. Finally add double strokes to '3+' and '3a', this creates four 32nd notes right before the final two accents.

Here's the sticking: rlrL rlRl rlrrll RLrl

Good Luck!