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Update - My little shindig is 3 days away and the nerves have completely set in. Going over the music list one of the guys proposed and sorry but most are so over my skill level I'm not sure where to begin. Here's the list:

I’m Not Like Everybody Else - Sacred Mushroom Hurricane - Neil Young The Kids Are Alright - The Who Cry Just A Little Runaway Johnny B Good - Chuck Berry She’s My Kinda Girl Shapes Of Things - Gary Moore Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix Black Magic Woman - Santana Don’t Bring Me Down - Animals Can’t Find My Way Home - Blind Faith House Of The Rising Sun - Animals Here’s A Little Song Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd Can’t Get Enough - Bad Company Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company Needle And The Spoon Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young Dear Mr. Fantasy - Blind FaithFeeling All Right - Joe Cocker Rock N Roll - Led Zeppelin Born To Be Wild - Steppen Wolf Steeling - Uria’s Heap Riding the Storm Out - REO American Band - BTO Story In Your Eyes - Moody Blues Pride Of Man - Quick Silver Freedom - Bread Rock N Me - Steve MillerI Got A Line On You - Spirit Fortunate Son - CCR Taking Care Of Business - BTO I’d Love To Change The World - Ten Years After

Sorry for the formatting there but you get the idea. So I'm worried I'm walking into a situation in which I'm setting myself up for failure. There are about a half a dozen of those that I can work with (I've put those in bold) the rest....not so much. What have I gotten myself into? :) Not sure how to approach this at this point but too late to back out now. Especially since I set it all up.

Well I guess if I make a fool of myself, I never have to see the new guys I'm meeting again, right? Ugh


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You guys probably won't be able to go through that whole list most likely, so just try and lobby to do the ones you can get through for this first meet up. There are some real challenges there for sure. This can only benefit you, no matter how it ends up. I'll bet you are feeling strangely alive.


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Yep, a lot of those songs are going to push you farther than you've gone on your own, but that's the whole point, right?

Just remember, you main job is to keep time. A solid backbeat. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.

Also, in every one of those tunes you're going to try and cover, ALL the musicians had to learn their parts. Just like you're doing now!

We all have your back, Jack.... er, Mary!

Anon La Ply

Just remember, you main job is to keep time. A solid backbeat. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.
+1 Replace any part that you cannot play with something you can play. BS and fakery is a massive part of rock n roll. I've been pretending to play drums for over 30 years.


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I just got hit with Can't Find My Way Home for this weekend. So I pulled it up on the web (I have it on vinyl in the living room) and that is made for fun. Steady quarter notes on the hat, no kick to worry about, basic 16th "train" pattern on the snare, and any other fill you want as long as you keep the hat going.

There are some that the original folks put a lot into, but it's not all necessary. Stop when it stops, hit crashes where there are accents and the original parts come out of big fills, and as Grea says, do what you know where some of the more significant fills are. If you just play time through most of it and hit accents, it will still sound like the song to the others playing along, and probably be easier for them than someone who could play all the original fills.

I've got a gig coming up later this month with a guy who has some Jethro Tull in the setlist. The first time I played with him I was worried about getting all the parts like the original. Then I simplified and the song went smoother. This month I'm going to simplify even further so I can concentrate on the drive and groove. People feel that more. Especially when they're trying to sing.


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Well if nothing else, I'm already gaining knowledge from this upcoming get together. One of the songs that was driving me crazy was house of the rising sun. Should be an easy one right? Couldn't get the timing right though. Finally figured out it was 6/8 instead of 4/4 - duh! - and now it works great! Lol. A small victory but it's those types of little achievements that make me feel like I'm making a little progress when I figure them out on my own ;)

And Aeolian, can't find my way home is one i actually enjoy playing...keeping it simple but it grooves pretty well. Thanks for the tips on it, it helps.


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One of the songs that was driving me crazy was house of the rising sun. Should be an easy one right?
That was the first or second song I learned on guitar when I was a kid. I thought it was funny because my mother always asked me to play it. I don't think she knew it was a song about a whore house.