The Tomatis Method


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Just curious to know if anyone here has experience with Tomatis Listening Therapy? I've heard it recommended by Jack DeJohnette (and others) and I'm just now getting around to reading about and otherwise investigating it. If anyone has practice with this (and doesn't mind sharing), I'd be interesting in learning about it.

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Thanks for posting this question, as I am deeply interested in the Tomatis method and wondering if it will help me with my musicianship. I'm particularly interested in improving my sense of rhythm. I am soon considering doing the course, and I will post my findings after doing the program. I did try another ear training program called Samonas. Its supposed to be a cheaper, similar program to Tomatis. I did three cd's and I didn't feel a major improvement to my auditory process in any way. Maybe slight gains, but not much.
I also heard of another program called Interactive Metronome. Its supposed to help with rhythm too. I spoke to a number of ear training "practitioners" and they said that I would get more benefit, if I did the Tomatis method first.
There are not many comments on the Tomatis method in forums, which leads me to suspect the worst. But Tomatis started the training by working with musicians (opera singers) so I would think that musicians still have the most to gain (if it works).
The Tomatis method is a very expensive program. That is why so few people have tried it.
I hope that others will make more comments on this topic.


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Hi asx and welcome to the forum!

Your enthusiasm has reinvigorated my curiosity so thank you for posting. Like many people, carving out time to pursue all of my interests is a constant challenge and beyond some reading, this one has sort of been on hold for me.

My take on the general consensus is that this is a good place to start:

Jack DeJohnette worked with a practitioner but also recommends this:

Please keep me posted on your journey--I'm very interested in hearing about your experiences!