The thing you bought but you never use


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A foot bell. I saw a few players keeping time with a cowbell on a foot pedal and thought that would be a neat rhythm keeping idea.

I used it once.

I still have the mount for the pedal as "who knows", but I don't see myself using that anytime soon.


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Definitely a cowbell. I NEVER use that thing, no matter what the situation.

I would also say recently it would be the Big Fat Snare thing with tambourines on it. While it has a unique sound, it just doesn't work for most situations. I thought it would be great, sort of like a vintage Motown recording, where the tambourine was hit at the same time as the snare. In reality, the thing makes my snare drum sound slightly electronic, but not in a good way.
Is this the BFG tambourine thingy with the middle part cut out, so you do actually hit the snare? I have one of those in my snare case and I've never, ever used it. Ever.