The StageLeft Podcast


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Hi everyone!

I wanted to introduce to you all to a show I discovered called the StageLeft podcast. It's targeted at musicians and interviews not the front men/women of famous acts, but the tireless session musicians and other band members who make the live shows so exciting!

On this weeks episode Fun Lovin’ Criminals drummer Frank Benbini gives advice to young drummers and tells legendary tales about drumming for the coolest band on the planet! Thought you guys might appreciate his insight!

Other guests have included the live drummer who played with The Prodigy, and artists who have worked with Oasis, Paul McCartney and The Smiths! It's gone from a show where I thought I'd listen to the odd episode, to one I listen to every week!

A link to the Fun Lovin' Criminals episode is here:

Check out the rest at / @thestageleftpod